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Re: Dealing with hum due to multiple amp use

12/16/2005 7:52 AM
Re: Dealing with hum due to multiple amp use
Thanks for all the replies.  
It's true I have more AC powered stuff than just the amps, there is the Leslie and the Echoplex. The Leslie doesn't have a grounded cable, and reversing the plug (Ha, it's not even polarized, that's how old it is!) or unplugging it doesn't add or subtract hum. The Plex has a grounded plug and it does hum without a ground lift.  
So that's 5 AC powered devices: Three amps, two effects. Would the Voodoo switcher or R.G.'s gadget still solve all that?  
David, if I wanted to build one of those HumX's, I would put the diodes inline, in series on the ground wire?  
Are the diodes in series or parallel?  
What kind of diodes would I use?  
Thanks again,