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Re: Dealing with hum due to multiple amp use

12/11/2005 10:27 PM
Re: Dealing with hum due to multiple amp use
"any other ideas about getting rid of the hum without using transformers or IC's between the guitar and amps?"
If you don't want to put transformers or IC's in between guitar and amps because you think they'll degrade the tone, let me assure you, that's not necessarily true.  
I used to be absolutely militant about not having any effects between my guitar and amp. When I started using a 2-amp rig, I used that Morley box for switching and used one of those adapters to lift the ground on one of the amps' power cords, just like you're doing.  
But then I got a chance to try someone's Voodoo Labs Amp Switcher, and found that it is extremely transparent. I really can't hear any adverse effect on the guitar's tone at all when I use that thing. If anything, it probably prevents tone loss because of its low-impedance outputs. So I recommend highly that you try one of those, or build the hum-free A/B/Y box described on Geofex.