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Re: Reverberocket info please

11/28/2005 6:59 PM
Justin Thomas
Re: Reverberocket info please
Hi Charlie,  
I've owned three of these amps- the first a 63 w/6V6's, a 66 Reverberocket II, and a 67, also a II. Both the II's have 7591's. Please don't let the cost of 7591A's scare you off. All three of these had been worked on by the same tech before I bought them, and I can say by far that I like my 67 the best. I think you should try a nicely set up Rocket or Reverberocket II before you go ahead and build your amp. I believe a Gemini I with the 12" speaker is pretty close to these amps. Some differences between the R-Rocket and the RR II- tubes are quite different, Baxandall tone stack on the II (SOOOOOO much better than the single tone control), the cabinet is larger on the II, and the 63 had a slightly smoother trem. Reverb is the same quality. Actually, that style of Reverb is an Ampeg thing-most if not all their old amps had that style.  
I also have a 72 GU-12 with the same tubes and speaker as the II- wow what a different animal! I might be able to provide more info by email if you'd like...Just put Ampeg or Reverberocket in the subject line if you like. Justin.