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Re: Amps that run on 12 volts.

11/24/2005 9:09 AM
Steve Dallman
Re: Amps that run on 12 volts.
I bought a Micro Cube used for $40. It is a fantastic little amp. I've modded mine, adding an extension speaker out, and built a footswitch that allows me to select 3 programs.  
The speaker and cabinet are indeed fine. After trying other speaker cabinets, the quality of the stock speaker and cabinet becomes obvious.  
I bought the service manual from Boss. There is a DSP chip for the effects and the whole shebang is controlled by a CPU. There are two interesting things. There is a 7 pin pad marked "for ONBOARD PROGRAM" and a 3 pin pad marked "for DSP Edit".  
I've been hunting for a computer geek who can tell me what the 7 pin connection would be for.  
I love the AC30 program. This thing is truly a wonder. It ain't your daddy's Pignose!