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Re: New JJ-EF86 being built now!!

10/30/2005 2:30 PM
Re: New JJ-EF86 being built now!!
I know the feeling! I've bought a bunch, but the best one I ever got was a Valvo that Dr.KT88 Debs gave me a few years ago...the quality variation among all of them was insane! even the Telefunken one I have is only so-so...not microphonic but just blah sounding- so much for the hype regarding the name!  
best pentodes I've used have been 6SJ7WGT's! figures- octals rule once again! But talk about limited supply- NObody will bother bringing those back! So it's great news JJ leads us back from the dark ages...  
Rock on,  

Greg Simon I can't wait to try the JJ EF86's o... -- 10/31/2005 2:09 AM