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Re: OT: dishwasher needed--was Re: JJ EF86/6267

10/29/2005 9:32 AM
Carl GigunRe: OT: dishwasher needed--was Re: JJ EF86/6267
It's been going on forever, hopefully they can get a deal done that will keep us from having to hear about it for another five years. This current round has been going on since 2002. NAFTA and the WTO have looked at it a number of times, previously they both agreed the 27% duty was unfair, I'm not sure what got the the WTO to change course recently but the Canadian perspective is that NAFTA is a specific agreement between our countries above and beyond the general rules of world trade. The ruling that the US had to pay back the money was supposed to be legally binding. Oh well, I'm not employed in the forrest industry and the trees are more use to me out there than in a Home Depot in Arizona.  
Getting back to the EF86, if you feel like experimenting give a 6AU6 a try. You can find them in old TVs and radios easy enough and they sound really good for audio even though they're meant as an RF tube.

Pierre Debs this may sound odd to many of you, ... -- 10/29/2005 1:13 PM