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Re: JJ EF86/6267 in the near? future

10/27/2005 5:14 PM
Carl GigunRe: JJ EF86/6267 in the near? future
I hate to do it, but I just can't pass it by...  
While I agree with you about voting with your wallet and the sorry state of human rights and freedoms in china, this sentence:  
"... an insane military buildup and a country that refuses to give us equal access to their markets while exploiting ours! "  
Could be used by most countries around the world in reference to the US. My country for example is currently trying to get back 5 billion in illegal duties the US collected on our lumber. Condoleezza Rice was supposed to come talk about it 6 months ago but cancelled when Canada refused to join the US missile defense plan. According to CNN "Rice has visited more than 40 countries as secretary of state, traveling to places such as El Salvador and Latvia before Canada."  
I like the US, I used to live there, my wife is American and we'll be there for thanksgiving, but i couldn't resist pointing out the irony in that statement. Sorry for the off topic post.

Greg Simon Hey its alright Carl. Everyone has ... -- 10/28/2005 1:15 AM