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Re: Thanks Steve....

10/12/2005 8:28 AM
Wild Bill
Re: Thanks Steve....
---"If you don't mind being called lazy that's your business. Don't tell me what is and isn't an insult and to what degree it is. That's my choice as to what level of insult it is, not anybody's, MINE!!!!!"  
Yes, it is your choice. Just as it's anyone else's choice to make a value judgement about it.  
What is it about bus drivers? Is it having a strong union? I dunno, but I won't take public transit in my town unless there's a gun put to my head. If I want to be abused I'll pay for it.  
BD, I can perfectly understand the need to be assertive if you drove a bus in Harlem. It's just that Harlem is not the whole world. I live in Canada. If someone dealt with me in a "Harlem" manner I wouldn't let him use that as an excuse. I would loudly suggest he go back!  
I still don't understand why you would give a rat's ass for someone ELSE"S opinion of you! Myself, if someone has a positive opinion of me that's nice but if it's negative (and he's not my boss!) he can frankly go piss up a rope in a high wind. There's no need to get loud about it.  
If you're ever in my town look me up. I'll buy you a Canadian beer or two. It would be good for what ails you! :)  
---Wild Bill

BD I don't really care much what peopl... -- 10/12/2005 10:28 AM