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Re: Why does impedence mismatch kills OT's?

10/3/2005 4:01 AM
Re: Why does impedence mismatch kills OT's?
Hi everybody!  
Thanks a lot for your replies! I asked this because of two reasons, i have an old ECL86 or ECL82 ( well pulled that one long time ago, and iirc they were in parallel! ECL86 and ECL82)output transformer, which is something like 11000 omhs for a eight omhs load, it's rather beefy corewise, but i wanted to know if i could use it for EL84,RG, with what you said, i think i can do! And also that a customer for whom i've done a retube and recap in a JCM800 4010, called me yesterday saying it wasn't working and smelling hot! First thing i thought, blown trany! Well, Setve, as you said! Marshall impedence switch in the wrong position, betwen two setings! And that did't blow the trany! What a relief!  
Best regards.