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Re: 5F6A clone too bassy

9/25/2005 11:39 AM
GordRe: 5F6A clone too bassy
I'm comparing my amp to original vintage Bassmans, as stated in my post, and not reissues. I have tracked Bassman sales on eBay for over a year now, for the sole purpose of seeing the circuits inside vintage originals, and every single original (not RI) Bassman has been wired like I described above, with not even one exception. Yet have I to see one wired like the schematic. Mike Clark has worked on many dozens of original Bassman amps from 1959, and he too has yet to see one that differs from what I described in my last post.  
I think that scratch built Bassmans are in the same league as the old ones, if done right. That's just my opinion. For example, if your voltages are way too high and you're using all metal film resistors and Mallory 150 caps, your end result will sound nothing like an original. If you use the right caps (Jensen paper and foil in oil), Allen Bradley resistors, voltage compensated transformers, the right cabinet, tubes, speakers, etc., the only thing separating it from a real one is voodoo.  

Greg Simon Hi Gord, I wasn't intending to resp... -- 9/25/2005 3:37 PM