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Re: D-Clone - Robben Ford Dynamics

8/29/2005 2:10 PM
BobWRe: D-Clone - Robben Ford Dynamics
Thanks Gary for your comments. :-)  
I also just completed my Hybrid REV A into a bassman head. Am having basically the same harshness using the following:  
1. Using EL34s B+ approx. 465V  
2. strat sounds too sterile in the OD mode until it's cranked above 60%. A soapbar Les Paul sounds much smoother but would like to use the strat more often.  
3. Too much bass, (above 4)will have to tweak either tone section or stage coupling caps.  
4. open back 2 10" jensen cab similar to open back tremolux cab.  
5. Relay controlled by a Vdoubler from the heaters. Circuit is quiet with a coil snubbing diode.  
6. overall amp is quiet using the preamp ground bus and star stage grounding scheme.  
I plan to follow Gary J's suggestiona in the OD section, but any further suggestions are appreciated. Bob

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