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Re: PT 350V@0.400 & 6.3@12A search?

8/10/2005 3:16 PM
Re: PT 350V@0.400 & 6.3@12A search?
Hi Ray!  
Thanks a lot for your reply, 135, is not too bad. There's some from Sowter which aren't too bad either, but pricey! If it matches realy the partridge which should be in there normaly, i'd love to know! I've camoflaged a drake trany with the partridge badge and flanges in a sound city 50 MK4 PA, turned out good. Basicaly, i would prefer to buy a cheap SC120, or similar amp, like roost SR22, some impact amps used the same trany too, as well as some carlsbro PA, so i could scrounge the trany and may be resell the amp with another trany. I'm always looking. But lately SC120 are getting rare from uk and the germans are going completely bonkers over theses, so i'm getting a tad anxious to get that 120 back on duty! Even more since i've got a new SC fane loaded cab to go with my old eminence loaded one!  
Thanks a lot again, and best regards.  

Ray Ivers Max,The $135 One El... -- 8/10/2005 9:16 PM