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Re: Found an old Bogen PA, possible good guitar amp?

6/24/2005 3:18 PM
Dr. Photon
Re: Found an old Bogen PA, possible good guitar amp?
besides the mods that UriahT suggested, you can also completely gut the amp and rebuild whatever circuit you want in there - the small runt tube (7 pins?) is probabally a 6AV6 (half a 12AX7), or 6C4 (half a 12AU7?) or a 6au6-ish pentode (use like a EF86, or find a 6AU6 schem).  
remember that you will have to add a 3 prong cord, clean it up a bit, clean the pots and sockets, add a speaker jack (with a zillion impedance choices! HooRay for PA amps!), replace all of the electrolytic capacitors, and replace all of the wax-paper, molded paper, and black beuties before you do anything to it. What I would do would be to replace everything in the amp to make it work (since you'll need to do this anyways), stick the input and output jacks on it, and see if it sounds good. If that sounds bad, simply modify the amplifier. If you can't get a good sound, then tear it down and build whatever circuit you want into that chassis.