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Re: Danelectro Californian, any info?

5/22/2005 9:09 AM
SweetfingerRe: Danelectro Californian, any info?
Sorry, but Silvertone did not make Danelectro. Silvertone was Sears' "house brand" which they had applied to record players, stereos, and organs as well as guitars. Sears would use different manufacturers to fill different price points or to meet increased demand. In the mid to late 60's one can find Silvertone branded guitars made by Danelectro, Kay, Harmony, and Japanese factories.  
Brands made by Danelectro in addition to some Silvertones were Coral and Vincent Bell.  
The last couple years of Danelectro are kinda sketchy, I'm sure that the Californian is from that time period. The 1485 doesn't have a built in tuning standard, so they are not the same. Might be similar, though.

Stokes Dont know for sure who made what,I ... -- 5/22/2005 12:05 PM