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Re: D130F recone advice

5/18/2005 12:04 PM
Rick Erickson
Re: D130F recone advice
In Seattle, WA - Gordy Kjellberg is the man. He uses Waldom parts, but the Waldom voice-coils are edge wound copper just like the JBL's. In the past, Waldom v.c.'s were standard round-wound and indeed the recones suffered from the lack of efficiency and generally bad tone. As far as I know - JBL hasn't issued "D" series cones for around 30 years now so if you want the speaker close to "original" spec then someone like Gordy who knows how to select the proper cone, voice coil and spider might be your best bet. (He doesn't always go by the "book" because the "book" isn't always correct) A JBL recone center can install a K (E) series cone in your speaker but many musicians in the past felt the K series, (w/Alnico magnet) later replaced by the E series (w/Ceramic Magnet) did not sound as "sweet" as the original D series. ymmv.  
Seattle Authorized JBL recone centers include Northern Sound & Lights and Morgan Sound. Both of these shops can do a good job if you want to go the factory-replacement route.  
In CA, I have heard good things about Orange County Speaker Repair.  
I have to wonder who wrote this in their repair section though. {"The odds are, the new speakers will probably weigh less than half what your old speakers do. This is because the quality of the parts used in older speakers are better. Therefore, they are heavier."}  
Aparently they havent heard of Alnico, or Neodymium. Ceramic magnets need to be twice as big as their Alnico counterparts to achieve the same magnetic flux in the voice-coil gap. That's why the E series JBL's are so much heavier than the D or K series. This has notheing to do with quality.  
Just more internet sludge to wade through on your way to enlightenment. ;)