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Re: Pentode as First stage or later?

4/21/2005 4:45 PM
Greg SimonRe: Pentode as First stage or later?
I modified my brother's Silvertone 1484 head and added an EF86, going into a 1/2 12au7 cathode follower, into a modified Fender blackface tonestack, into a volume control, into a 1/2 12au7 gain stage with some high end emphasis and reduced gain and it sounds wonderful. Very fat and raw tone. I could have got the same amount of gain with just the EF86 most likely, but doing it this way made the tone a little more full and warm. 12au7's really sound nice, and I'm sold on EF86's too. No problems with microphonics on the Svetlana EF86. Used a ceramic socket riveted to the chassis. Have the 68k input resistors right on the socket and using shielded cable in and out of the EF86.  

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