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Re: What's a good book for a complete beginner?

4/17/2005 10:49 PM
Greg SimonRe: What's a good book for a complete beginner?
It worked out GREAT. The Eminence Legend 105 10's sound very nice and are reasonably priced too. With the 10's it has a more immediate voice and is a bit punchier too. I think an open back 12 would sound good too, and I may make one of those for myself later.  
The mods I did to the amp sound VERY good too. Channel 2 is similar to stock but I increased the plate voltage and gain, and it made it sound like a Silvertone on steroids. Channel 1 has an EF86, cathode follower, Fender blackface tone stack and a 12au7 gain stage and it is thick and crunchy, but still has definition even if you use the neck pickup. I rasied the screen voltage from the stock 340v to 410v and the sound is warmer as a result. Doing that and adding in adjustable bias with a voltage doubled bias supply made all the difference there. The Fender reverb that I added sounds really good too. We'll be making a new head to fit the reverb tank in it. I moved the trem to where it is in the Deluxe Reverb circuit, and it works fine, but doesn't sound as good as before, so that is really the only think I have left to tweak. I'll probably end up moving it back to where it was before in the circuit and tweak from there. When I had it there before after the first attempt at modding/rebuilding the amp it putt putted and didn't sound right. I'll get it though. Its about 90% done, and then I get to do it to mine. (this one is my brother's)  

Sam Re:Try the Rosk amp book! -- 4/18/2005 1:00 AM