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Re: JJ or EH 6V6's in a Silvertone 1484?

2/18/2005 9:58 PM
Greg Simon
Re: JJ or EH 6V6's in a Silvertone 1484?
Thanks guys. I think I'll go ahead and do the mods to the screen and up the voltage and deal with it. I talked to my brother tonight and told him what my ideas were and I think he's leaning in that direction. I was going to run the screens around 420v or so, so that I can get the stock Deluxe Reverb voltages on the reverb I'll be adding. We'll make a new head for it and put the reverb in the top of the head. If it is too much power with the 6L6's, then we'll go with the JJ 6V6's I think. He's looking for a good bluesy tone, and I've been tweaking the preamps a bit and have it sounding good, but it still sounds cold and hard, and I think that is because of the lower screens. Since I have some hum problems, most likely due to the grounding scheme I did, I'll be re-doing the preamps again, and that will be the time to make the changes. The power supply has already been rebuilt.  
Tracy, did you otherwise leave your 1484 stock or did you mod the preamps? I found if you change to a smaller voltage drop resistor between the 10uf and 5uf, you can get the plate voltage up to around 140v or so, and it sounds a lot better fo rit. I also changed the plate resistor to 100k on the first stage in the preamp on channel two, and changed the plate resistor to a 220k on the second stage, while lowering the dropping resistor too. And changed the cathode resistor value on the second stage to a 2k2. It raised the plate voltage on that stage to around 170v, and it overall has more high end and more gain, and just sounds better overall. Much better for a good blues tone without pedals.  

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