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Re: JJ or EH 6V6's in a Silvertone 1484?

2/18/2005 12:39 PM
Greg Simon
Re: JJ or EH 6V6's in a Silvertone 1484?
Thanks for the response Tom! Just what I needed to know. Did you size the OT to fit a 6V6 pair, or are you mismatching the load by running the 6V6 pair into an OT meant for 6L6's?  
I have a feeling this small OT in the Silvertone will blow eventually and/or sound crummy at the higher voltages, but my brother wants to keep it. I have another Silvertone 1484 I plan to rebuild for myself, and I'll be using a decent OT in mine! He can have the old one as an extra if he blows his....  

Tom Ballarino i "sized" the ot for the 6V6, i'm u... -- 2/18/2005 2:29 PM