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Re: TUT 1 question on preamp project?

2/1/2005 11:54 PM
Mark Lavelle
Re: TUT 1 question on preamp project?
A version of that preamp was my first project (2nd if you count the power chassis separately). I called it the Tonerator! ;)  
My observations:  
* I'm a plug-in-and-play kind of guy, so the Tonerator isn't usually my 1st choice – I'm not often in the mood to fiddle with all those knobs. OTOH, when I do want lots of control I find it easy to work with, and capable of a decently wide range of tones.  
* I used an on-off-on switch so I could select clean-both-drive. I usually find myself using both – either of them alone doesn't usually get me as "aroused" (as a German co-worker once said about a fussball game).

CraigR SteveThe Standard P... -- 2/2/2005 9:02 AM