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Re: Building the Harmonically Complex

1/17/2005 2:33 PM
Ross HughesRe: Building the Harmonically Complex
What I mean is noticable, rich, full harmonic overtones that makes you go wow, listen to those harmonics! Complex is maybe the wrong adjective...but I'm not sure since when you start stacking they get somewhat complicated. Basically, I mean 1 or two harmonics is not that complex. 6-7 is. That is at least where I am pondering about.  
I compared an EL-84 amp I built with a modern production amp of a friends and his clearly sounded like cardboard in relation.  
What about the OT? What will take away harmonics in the OT...or is that the height of ignorance in a question? And what is a well tuned circuit in relation to harmonics? This is exactly what I was wondering.  

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