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Re: ? about Crate Turbo Valve 120 (Enzo?)

1/16/2005 9:28 PM
roosterRe: ? about Crate Turbo Valve 120 (Enzo?)
Actually, I did call them and ask about it. Their fella was a little confused about it. I do know that the Blue DooDoo, which came out after the TV, I think, has a "standard" bias setup. Basically, I tweaked it in, and the people from Crate called it "protection," but didn't elaborate on it. I can't see the purpose of it myself, but it looks suspiciously like the stuff CBS used to do to Fender amps.  
I would've loved to know more details about it, but their phone tech couldn't really give me any. However, they were VERY nice about sending me the schematic.