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Re: Princeton II microphonic resonance????

1/14/2005 9:38 PM
kluson guyRe: Princeton II microphonic resonance????
Thanks for the help Enzo!  
I followed your advice and used my looper pedal to play the resonant notes while I secured the tubes one by one with a cloth.  
It turns out one of the 6V6's was the culprit. I swapped out the 6V6's for another pair and found that the new 6V6 in the same position was causing the same problem.  
The amp has the skirt type tube holders which are in good shape yet aren't enough to curtail the resonance.  
Can you advise me where to go from here? Should I be retensioning the tube sockets or ????  
Thanks again,  
Kluson Guy

Don Symes Retension, sure (gently), but just ... -- 1/14/2005 10:12 PM