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Re: O.E.I (plexi o.t.) vs. Mercury Magnetics (plexi o.t.)

1/12/2005 5:41 PM
Trace - Voodoo Amps
Re: O.E.I (plexi o.t.) vs. Mercury Magnetics (plexi o.t.)
"I was on the other side of the fence,i knew OTs made a difference, before he started making them. I think i did some preaching of the OT as the heart of the amp."
I wasn't suggesting that you were not aware Richie. There were several gentleman here (most of which do not seem to be here anymore) that were very skeptical. Again I did not mean to direct it at you or anyone specifically.  
"I've used joe's OT,and it is very good,as the MM is too And the Heyboer,Shinrock,and now many others are also building nice OTS. Some are alot more expensive...But i think Joe got people to open there ears,as you can see,now other people are making OTs and other transformers."
I agree with you 100% Richie, Joe was able to do a really good thing, which in my mind was to help make people more aware what a great sounding OT can do for their tone.  
How has everything been going with you my friend? I trust you are busier than ever (which of course is a good thing!). Please give all my best to your family Richie and if you ever need anything at all please do not hesitate to let me know.  
Have a great weekend my friend!!  

Richie """There were several gentleman her... -- 1/12/2005 7:58 PM