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Re: Eminence Red Fang vs Celestion Blue?

1/7/2005 4:35 PM
Mr. Droopy-Drawers
Re: Eminence Red Fang vs Celestion Blue?
I am not so sure it is a matter of the Fender 'circuit' lacking mids as it is the Fender open-back cabinet design. I haven't measured in years, and I don't have a spectrum analyzer on hand, but I seem to recall the 'Middle' control (if the amplifier had one) gave a +/- 9.5dB range at about 600Hz. The Treble and Bass control had much more range.  
Someone was mentioning breaking in the speaker. That's a good point, and you may want to check out the Weber website on softening the surround with an AC voltage from a filament transformer applied to the speaker. It does work. But these are just ideas and opinions, and the ultimate decision is still yours.