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Re: Eminence Red Fang vs Celestion Blue?

1/6/2005 6:34 PM
dazRe: Eminence Red Fang vs Celestion Blue?
The data sheet states the Red Fang isn't voiced in the mids; it's mostly lows and highs. So keep that in mind.  
Thats what i eluded to in my post. Thats how mine sounded and a big part of why i sold it. And it's just my opinion, but because of that it's not a speaker i'd use in a fender, which is an amp that lacks mids to begin with. fenders typically have problms sounding the same room to room due to the lack of mids which makes them extremely suseptable to the variances of room acoustics. Putting a speaker like this in a fender IMO would make for a nightmare senario when one nite your amp would be sheer mud, then in the next room you play it might be nothing but piercing treble.

Mr. Droopy-Drawers I am not so sure it is a matter of ... -- 1/7/2005 4:35 PM