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Re: Lee Jackson Marshall mod?

1/4/2005 8:11 AM
MattRe: Lee Jackson Marshall mod?
I had also heard that Akira Takasaki (sp?) from Loudness used one on at least one of their albums.  
I've never played a Metaltronix but I did build an amp that has an OD channel similar to what's allegedly in the Bogner Ecstasy. I actually built it twice. The first time I built it I had blocking distortion and it sounded way too much like a fuzz pedal (which was cool for about 20 minutes). After I learned a little more (and realized that I had blocking distortion before) I tried it again and I absolutely love that circuit. People always ask "What kind of MV is in that amp, it sounds so good at reasonable volumes" and it's just a 1M pre-PI MV after the typical Marshall tone stack, power section is 100% Marshall. Look around for that circuit and play with it a bit, don't set the voltages too high. Also, it seems that the blocking distortion prevents the good crunch from happening so sometimes actually DECREASING the gain (via interstage attenuation) appears to INCREASE the crunch (I know that doesn't make sense but it seems that way to me).

AL I had to chime in. I have owned a M... -- 1/4/2005 2:26 PM