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Re: Bedrock 600 ( 2 x 12", 50 Watts ) schematic

12/20/2004 5:40 PM
Chris @ CMW amps
Re: Bedrock 600 ( 2 x 12", 50 Watts ) schematic
A customer of me is about to purchase such amp. He's very happy with the revoicing I did do to his early MusicMan amp and did ask me to "better" his next purchase. He really likes my way of voicing amps. His Musicman was kinda like a big, fat and tight Fender and I did make the reverb somewhat fuller/deeper sounding and did add a pp-boost on the MasterVolume to give a plexi-ish boost.  
Altough old ptp-amps are way easier/faster to work on I don't mind tweaking various pcb-amps. I just wanna make the customer happy. Better quality parts do give better results but values/revoicing is way faster with a schematic.  
Can you tell me something about the used topology? Like: "The clean channel kinda like a blackface Fender and the lead channel looks like a JCM800 mastervolume." for example.  
Many tia!!!  

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