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Transformers with tunable cores? (odd ramble)

12/20/2004 12:20 PM
Don Symes
Transformers with tunable cores? (odd ramble)
I was puzzling recently about how to give an OT more beef - a bigger core for more bass and higher power before saturation - or less if I want to torture the sound in some way.  
Windings obviously are appropriate for the higher power usage.  
It would obviously mess with the actual inductance, but if the turns ratio stays the same, it doesn't really change the reflected impedance ... right?  
The idea is to slip a handful of E-cores out of one side of the OT ... it would have to be stacked to allow that, of course ... to go from a Partridge-quality OT to something more like a, I dunno Supro.  
Or is there just too much tone mojo in the OT to be worth fooling with?  
... I wonder what was in that salad last night.

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