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Re: ACAD dwg to jpg

12/7/2004 3:00 AM
wreckedRe: ACAD dwg to jpg
 These instructions are specifically for AutoCAD 2002, but I think they'd be pretty similar for most versions of the software.  
 First, you need to create a new paper space layout and click the Plot Device tab. There will be a drop-down list in the Plotter Configuration box entitled Name. In this list go down to PublishToWebJPG.pc3 and select it. Make sure you have something selected in the Plot Style Table (pen assignments) Name box, such as acad.ctb or Greyscale.ctb. Then, go to the Layout Settings tab in the same window and choose a paper size for your plot. From here it's exactly like using a printer excluding that when you choose the 'Plot' command the output is saved as a JPG file in the active directory.  
 That's the basic process to it, but if you've got any other problems I'd be glad to help.  
Good luck!  

BaliJukka Thanks guys.I'll try all th... -- 12/7/2004 7:50 PM