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Re: Connecting 2 amps to 1 cabinet

11/12/2004 1:17 PM
Carl Gigun
Re: Connecting 2 amps to 1 cabinet
How many speakers in the cab? Lots of modern 4x12s come wired with jacks and switches for stereo or mono operation, on those you can plug one head into the Left and one into the Right input. If yours doesn't have that I could post the switching diagram from one. You could also just wire each half to it's own jack and run a head into each one. With either of these options you need to work out the correct Ω match and how much power each half can handle. (people here can help you with that if you look at the speaker labels and write down how many ohms and watts they say).  
Even if you did this or got a second cab you still need an A-B switch to select which amp you want to play through unless you're going to walk over and unplug the guitar from one and stick it in the other. You might consider a head switcher, which does exactly what you want at the press of a button but costs a fair bit. (less than a whole new cab though).