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Re: Don't do business with Gerhart amps

11/6/2004 2:42 PM
Bob Ingram
Re: Don't do business with Gerhart amps
The issue has been resolved.  
Yes Guytronix took over the kit business from Gerhart but I paid Gerhart, not Guytronix.  
At any rate, Richard Guy called me Friday morning after reading my thread on another board. He shipped me the kit Friday at noon and supplied the tracking number. It'll be up to him to collect the money from Gary Gerhart and Richard feels that he will not receive any compensation for this. His concern is for customer satisfaction and I applaud him for his efforts.  
I believe that this will be an excellent product and I'm looking forward to building this amp.  

anonymous [QUOTE]Richard Guy called me Friday... -- 11/6/2004 2:58 PM