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Don't do business with Gerhart amps

11/3/2004 9:49 PM
Bob Ingram
Don't do business with Gerhart amps
On August 15th I attempted to send Gary Gerhart $195.00 via pay pal for a “Gilmore Jr” amp kit. This failed so I e-mailed Gary. Within the hour he responded with instructions on how to fix the problem.  
It’s now November 4th and after contacting him 5 times, 3 times via e-mail and twice on the phone, I have not received the kit. Both phone conversations ended with his promise to send the kit immediately.  
I recommend that anyone reading this message refuse to do any business with Gary Gerhart due to his poor business practices.  
It is not my goal to damage Mr. Gerhart’s business, only to protect my fellow forumites from having the same problems with him.  
Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem with Gerhart are welcome.

Enzo You contact PayPal and tell them yo... -- 11/3/2004 11:20 PM