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Re: Tweed-6550-Questions

10/30/2004 7:07 AM
Re: Tweed-6550-Questions
I'm also interested in this tread.  
I made a SLO 50w clone, wich at first had a pair of sovtek 5881wxt (KRAP). For the 6L6GC/5881 plate load, my OT has 4K4 ohms. B+= 480v  
Recently I retubed my monster with Tung Sol 6550.  
So, I loaded the 6550 plates with my 16 ohm cab + the 8 ohms OT tap, resoulting Load= 8K8.  
My questions:  
What's the recomended "center point" for a pair of 6550?  
What would be better/closer, 8K8 or 4K4?  
Would be safe/soud wise to try 4K4?  
Thanxs. SERGIO  
BTW, TUNG SOL 6550 makes my sheffields kick like a mule! :D

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