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Valco/Supro Scematic Needed

10/9/2004 10:23 AM
Valco/Supro Scematic Needed
Hello all. I have a circa 1967 Valco (could be a Supro) Statesman head here, model #S6699. I'm looking for a schematic. It has trem and reverb and appears to have two separate power sections that are both driven all the time. The complaint is that after an hour of playing the volume drops down to below half. I have to find out if the guy is running one of the outputs without a load. One OT looks a little scorched. It works and isn't shorted. Anyway, I'd appreciate a schematic or any advice from anyone who has seen one of these. Thank!  

Chris @ CMW amps Hi DaverDon't have ... -- 10/9/2004 10:36 AM