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Re: my 7th amp - is a dumb bell clone worth the effort

2/1/2006 11:27 PM
Bob Ingram
Re: my 7th amp - is a dumb bell clone worth the effort
I also have a Weber switch board. However, I was confused when I read that I should short the tip and the ring to engage the switch and not ground either of them. Wouldn't I need an isolated stereo jack to accomplish this? As far as I know the regular jacks on a Fender are not isolated from the chassis. Unfortunately the layout drawing does not include the drawing for the channel switch jack.  
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  
Best regards,  
Yes, you need to get a plastic isolated jack. The schematics should show the switch, all you'll need to do is connect the power to the 6V from the heaters and the SW contacts to the jack.