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Re: Has Anyone Tried The Jensen Neodym Mag Speakers?

12/20/2005 4:12 AM
Steve Dallman
Re: Has Anyone Tried The Jensen Neodym Mag Speakers?
I believe it was a vintage AC30 that took out the Celestion. I haven't spoken to the owner of the blown speaker lately to see what the final outcome was. He wanted to hear a 15W amp we just finished, and brought in the Celestion in a sealed cabinet. When we plugged in, we heard the rubbing. He hadn't tried it since getting it back from the guy who borrowd it the weekend before.  
He did say that at that time, it was his favorite speaker and all he runs are AC30's. It didn't sound like his other Celestions, but he preferred the sound of the Neo.  
FWIW, the head of the guitar dept at that store, who has run only Deluxe Reverbs the last few years, has changed most of his amps over to Jensen Neo's. He prefers them to the Celestion Neos.  
Also, FWIW, for the past several years, a lot of players in this area were using the Fender branded Eminence's that Fender used until the new Jensens arrived. I believe that Eminence is just a re-branded Legend 125. It was kind of a "secret" that everyone was in on. Some went into AC30's being played in our area. I was aware of this some years ago, but it seems most who were favoring that speaker have gone on to other types.

Alexander Re: Eminence models -- 12/20/2005 7:37 AM