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Re: New Audio Generator Project

11/2/2005 11:34 AM
Re: New Audio Generator Project
Hello! I´ve built a variable signal generator (+/- 20Hz to 100Khz). It has a rotary switch, to select between five ranges, a dual gang pot to select frequency, and a volume control. Output impedance is fairly low, distorion is better than 0.01%, with a power supply of 12 volt (yes, just one rail needed). It uses a small 12V/60ma bulb (I think those bulbs used in christmas three's are fine also). A IC NE5532, but a Mitsubishi M5218 can be used also, but with a little bit more distortion. I've tried lots of them!! And most of them had lot's of distortion, TL072, 4558's are bad). The scope that I use is a PC souncard based, so I cannot measure exactly if the output signal amplitude is VERY constant, but it seems FAIRLY constant.  
I've made a pcb for it, if you want the PCB and Schems, I would like to share it (where can I post it online?).  
By the way, the cost is about 10 to 15€ without wall-wart and box.