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Re: Mesa MKII-C+

7/17/2005 9:28 AM
Re: Mesa MKII-C+
Check out the link for the sound of my amp.  
I always like the MKIIc+ and was a decent amp. Never was perfect for me, just seemed to lack somewhere that I never could figure out. Still, it's the best amp they done in my opinion regardless of the **** in charge. I'v played the recto's and they just seem to mushy for my taste. The fumble is similiar, also check out marshall 2205 and 2210 circuits. Those were my favorite amps in my metal days. They all were not as clear sounding to me as I would want them except the Fumble but like I could afford one?lol Feeding the tone stack from the plate at the end of the gain stages is the distinct sound the metal heads like. Why they like the MKIIc+ with the EQ at the end. I like my cleans very much fendery. The amp I built is similiar to these. About a years worth of experimenting and the wife jumping on my back for being to loud. It's a very clean fender channel.Loads of headroom and with a flip of a switch you get a nice dirty BF clean but just at deafening levels. The second channel is the gain channel. Gets gobs of gain if you want it. I voiced it with a tad less gain since I didn't see the need to. Most use a volume boost or an overdrive for lead tones anyways. You could easily add a third channel for it which is just rerouting the signal to a third tone stack and gain pots. Seperate effects loop for both channels. I'v got a few orders to build already and the feedback from others is good. So maybe I can make a few bucks on my hobby after all. Started out with just making two heads for me and a buddy.