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Re: 5150 relay functions

6/7/2005 6:01 PM
Re: 5150 relay functions
Here, this may help:  
On means relay energized.  
K1 - Lead channel when on. Sets gain/level.  
K2 - Lead channel when on. Selects controls.  
K3 - FX loop.. Relay is normally on, enabling loop. Footswitch drops relay out for loop bypass.  
K4 - Crunch when on.  
K1a NC - enable cathode cap V1b  
K1a NO - n/u  
K1b NC - attenuate grid V2a  
K1b NO - n/u  
K2a NC - select Clean Pre wiper  
K2a NO - select Lead Pre wiper  
K2b NC - select Clean Post wiper  
K2b NO - select Lead Post wiper  
K3 NC - bypass loop jacks  
K3 NO - enable loop jacks  
K4a NC - select Clean network for Clean Pre  
K4a NO - select Crunch network for Clean Pre  
K4b NC - select Clean network for Clean Pre  
K4b NO - n/u

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