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Re: Dumble 2nd tone stack useful?

5/19/2005 9:14 PM
Wild Bill
Re: Dumble 2nd tone stack useful?
Thanks, gentlemen!  
I was hoping to get some experienced input. I don't want to make the same mistakes as everyone else - I want to make my own unique and individual errors! :)  
Especially thanks to you, Larry! I followed your English just fine but by the end I had a strong desire for a Staten Pils or a Dortmunder Union.  
You could appreciate better than most my story about how I chose my company name. Until a few years ago amps had been only an occasional hobby. I had always been a builder but mostly ham radio transmitters and the like. I did repair guitar amps for friends and family, having been a "roadie" since my teens and although I had settled down into a career as a salesman for electronic parts I would often get a friend at my door asking if I would fix his amp.  
Then I got given an old PA amp with a pair of EL34s for the output and a little voice inside my head said "Why don't you make this into a Marshall?"  
So I did but in the process I found I needed help with the cosmetic aspects - to make it beautiful!  
I had a long and close friend whose parents were German. He's a great and precise craftsman, whether it's carpentry, electronics, metal working or whatever. Soon we were in his basement workshop hacking out the chassis and spraying paint in all directions.  
As we were working he got a peculiar look in his eye and asked me if I had chosen a name for my amplifier projects yet. I told him I hadn't given it much thought but he insisted that I might wind up making a lot of amps and perhaps go "professional" some day.  
He suggested "Busen Amps", saying it was german slang for "balls". Of course I thought it was a great idea to have my amps named for a rock and roll "ballsy" sound and he helped me make a nameplate.  
Over the next year and a half I wound up making nearly a dozen amplifier projects, each with a Busen nameplate. My friend gave me a lot of help making each one beautiful and teaching me valuable craftsmanship techniques. Then one time as I was watching him etch some lettering into a piece of acrylic I happened to open up a German/English dictionary which was lying on a table and thumbed to the entry for "Busen".  
I looked over at my friend and said "Hey! Busen doesn't mean balls!" He cracked up and fell off his stool laughing!  
Only a close and dear friend would patiently wait over 18 months for me to realise the joke! By then I had made so many projects I figured I might as well keep the name!  
Fortunately here in Canada and with my American friends few customers get the joke that Busen Amps don't have balls but rather boobs!  
Maybe I could get Bonnie Raitt to try one... :)  
---Wild Bill

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