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AC50 to AC30'ish

4/5/2005 1:39 PM
Sean KAC50 to AC30'ish
Howdy all,  
I'm working at a place and the guy theres got an AC50 and has  
mentioned he'ed prefer an AC30 and having looked at the schematics,not so very  
closely,I'm thinking maybe one could sub out the EL34 pair with six EL84's and  
cathode bias them.This then would give one a more powerful AC30,AC45 to be  
exact,and be fairly close to the AC30 type sound.So what I need to know is  
what the output impedance is for the AC30 and what it is for the AC50 if  
anyone knows.Oh,and what each amp's B+ to the CT is usually.Given that the AC30 was a hot AB1 with cathode bias I'd guess the  
OT was about 2k and that a coldish pair of EL34's on a higher voltageat 50  
watts might be about 2k or even 1.5k.Can anyone give me exact figures?  
SEan Kerrigan,NZ.

Greg Simon Hi, can't give you any figures as I... -- 4/5/2005 8:21 PM