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Re: 6SN7 - what should I use it for? :-D

1/14/2005 3:13 PM
Re: 6SN7 - what should I use it for? :-D
Hey Darren,  
I recently built a 5F1 that I wired in an octal pre in parallel to the mini, and I like the sound of the 6SN7 much better than any of the minis I've tried. The only problem was that the first 6SN7 I used went microphonic after ~3hrs of use. Oh well, it was an old used RCA, so I haven't a clue what condition it was in when I got it. It worked and sounded good for a few hours, luckily I have a bunch more at home.  
I would describe it as very warm and creamy. Much less brittle than most 12AX7s. Now I just need to find one that will last longer than a few hours.

kurt i use one for the power tube in my ... -- 1/19/2005 10:07 AM