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Re: 6SN7 - what should I use it for? :-D

1/13/2005 7:33 PM
xxxRe: 6SN7 - what should I use it for? :-D
i was just making a joke. you obviously caught on.  
but a good way to use a 6sn7 is to wire an actal socket in parallel with a 12ax7 socket of your choice in one of your existing homemade amps and then substitute the 6sn7 for the 12ax7. the 6sn7 will sound a bit fatter with less highs. see the angela instruments super champ amp for more about this.  
the parallel socket idea also lets you run both the 6sn7 and 12ax7 in parallel which results in a slightly more gain considering the internal plate resistance is approximately cut in half using two tubes.

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