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Re: Volume on a budget

12/7/2004 3:38 PM
Re: Volume on a budget
I'm not one to discourage you from building your own creation, but since you're on a budget, it'd be more economical to get a silverface or blackface Bassman or Bandmaster than to build something from scratch.  
"is it possible to adapt a fuzz face circuit to be a suitable preamp?"
Vox had a series of solid-state amps sold only in the UK that had a preamp similar to a fuzz face, but with the addition of a tone stack (and a fairly odd one at that). They were the Conqueror, Defiant, and something else I can't remember.  
I understand that Vox also had some amps with that same solid-state preamp but EL34 power sections, and that's what was used by Jimmy Page on Whole Lotta Love.  

Devon Well to tell the truth I'm really n... -- 12/7/2004 5:07 PM