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Re: Punching or Drilling chassis holes

8/6/2004 12:00 PM
bob pRe: Punching or Drilling chassis holes
i've tried it a number of ways, and here's what i've found. the material you're working with (steel vs. aluminum) and the number of holes you'll be punching will make all of the difference.  
there is no doubt that the greenlee punches are a great thing to have. i probably have half a dozen of them in different sizes. if you plan your projects correctly (and buy all of your tube sockets to fit your punches) you should be able to get by with 2 punches -- one for octals, one for 9-pin mini. if you're going to build more than one amp in your lifetime, they will be worth the investment.  
for example, i happened upon a white powdercoated chassis that came from a Bedrock Royale. the pilot lamp hole was too small, and I couldn't find a good lamp to fit. because the chassis was powdercoated, i didn't want to drill into it, as i thought this could make a mess of the paint job on the front panel. i used a greenlee sized for a fender-style relampable indicator and it made a nice clean cut through the powerdercoat and the steel, leaving no flakes or chips in the paint. i couldn't have done that with a step drill. sometimes it pays to have the right tool for the job.  

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