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Cheiftain transformers

7/21/2004 3:55 PM
Matthew D
Cheiftain transformers
Hey all,  
Haven’t been lurking around here since my last project a year or so ago (only my second build). Nice to see so many familiar faces (or names) still around.  
I’m playing in a new band, and my guitar player friend has fallen in love with a Matchless chieftain at a rehearsal space we use. I told him, I sure can’t make one of those, but we might get reasonably close, and could tweak some things while we’re at it.  
Before we get to the tweaking stage, I wanted to get a fix on the straightforward amp. The schematic heaven schematic lists a choke in the power supply for 20H @ 160ma! Nothing in the Hammond catalog comes close. I guess I could do two 10H chokes in series, but at $40 each, you’re getting into some pricey territory.  
Anyone have any suggestions here? Should I go with a smaller choke? A combination of resistor and choke?  
Also, I’m not sure of the impedance of the OT so that I can hunt for a suitable replacement. Any advice here?  
Anyway, glad to be back, and looking forward to everyone’s helpful advice.  

DD I honestly don't think replacing th... -- 7/22/2004 6:47 PM