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Adding LED Anunciation to Voodoo Lab Pedals?

3/11/2005 7:35 AM
Adding LED Anunciation to Voodoo Lab Pedals?
Anyone have a schematic for the Voodoo Lab Overdrive and Voodoo Lab Tremelo (2 knob version), or know if they're set up with true bypass on that DPDT?  
I don't have the pedals in front of me, a buddy would like me to provide LED anunciation on these pedals for him. He sent me JPEG's, I can't tell from eyeballing the wiring if I can rewire the DPDT and go with a Millenium bypass circuit, or if I'll need to do the 3PDT trip. I'd like to have necessary parts beforehand, as he gigs frequently and needs a very quick turnaround.  

coledavis AFAIK on the older pedals without a... -- 3/14/2005 9:53 AM