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Re: Ross/MXR tweak or not to tweak

12/23/2004 1:27 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Ross/MXR tweak or not to tweak
I had one of those grey MXR units some 20 years ago. Couldn't sell it fast enough. Didn't do what I wanted it to do. Wish I knew then what I know now about making these things behave properly.  
The MXR, and I assume Ross, used a Reticon SAD-1024 delay chip. While not inherently a better chip than the MN3007 and MN3207 used for most of the universe of commercial flangers and choruses, it is capable of producing very wide sweeps without needing a great deal of assistance the way the Matsushita chips do. As a result, many, though not all, of the flangers using an SAD-1024 tend to be better flangers. Again, not because the chip itself sounds any better, but because it allowed people to design great circuits easily without a lot of support circuitry.  
Happy holidays right back at ya.