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Re: Which diodes for Big Muff Pi?

5/20/2004 8:11 AM
Mark Hammer
Re: Which diodes for Big Muff Pi?
""BTW Mark, have you built any new pedals lately?"  
"Built" can mean a lot of things. I have a whole slew of mostly, partly, and fully-populated boards that are awaiting the diligent connection of pots, jacks, and power supply leads, and the installation into cases. Ever since I figured out how to make PCBs fast and cheap with glossy photopaper, my capacity to generate the boards has tended to outstrip my capacity to deliver the finishing touches.  
I did put together a "May Queen" booster a couple of weeks ago and was pleased with the sound. Right now, though, I have 3 different mini-amps (two of them battery operated with big batteries) I'm trying to plan out in between household projects and family commitments. I've been perusing a big stack of amp schematics from the solid-state lines of Crate, Fender, and Marshall, looking for ideas. Lots there to work with.

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